For the past few years, mentorship programs have been popping up all over the country. This has led to a lot of discussion about their effectiveness and how they should be run. What’s often forgotten is that these programs are not just for young people; adults can also benefit from them. Many companies offer a form of adult mentor program already without even thinking about it in those terms. So what are some reasons why you might want to sign up?

1) You don’t have to go it alone.

As you move up the ladder and take on more responsibilities, it’s easy to feel like you are alone…

At the core of the excellent performance of any business, the human element is arguably the most essential asset. Human resources are the interface for all the other resources leading to the desired results.

The human element also occurs in the form of customers and close relations for the isolated cases of entrepreneurs. Therefore, the vision and mission of the organization can only be implemented by deliberate efforts from the various human elements of the business.

Most new jobs lean more towards cognitive skills because technology is central to the operation of most organizations. …

The word entrepreneur as we use it today can be traced to the 13th Century from the French verb entreprendre. That means “to do something” or “to undertake.” It was a term that didn’t necessarily have anything to do with business back then. Free market capitalism did not even exist in late Medieval Europe.

But by the year 1852, the term entrepreneur came to be used for what we widely accept it means today — “business manager.” An entrepreneur today can also refer to someone who is involved in a start-up enterprise.

Note that such a person may not be…

Inspirational leadership enhances individual and team performance. It also maximizes creativity and propels innovation. It unlocks latent potential by tapping into people’s inner motivations and values. It motivates people to follow their passions and accomplish ambitious goals.

Leaders inspire and motivate people, says leader, speaker, author, and business strategist Art Markman . In his book, “Habits of Leadership,” Art Markman tells the stories of great leaders and how they inspired people to find new meaning in their work and lives.

He tells his readers about the tactics and habits of great leaders and explains why they worked so well. In…

The life of an entrepreneur is characterized by juggling multiple things at the same time. Whether it is accounting, fundraising, operations, or procurement, the entrepreneur’s mind is hardly ever at ease. Unfortunately, of all business functions, marketing should receive the largest share of attention. What happens when you do not have enough hours to work on marketing and still run everything else? A compelling story is crucial if you are to build a business from the ground up. A marketing pitch enables you to do this.Free

A freelancer is an independent contractor with experience from a marketing firm or large…

Small businesses have plenty of options when it comes to banking. Everything from gigantic banking corporations to local credit unions wants to offer you services. Choosing the right provider is essential. Here are things to consider.

Analyze Financial Habits

Every company has different banking needs. To start, look at your habits. Examine your financial history. Do you have a lot of surplus cash? Every month, how much do you spend on expenses? How much variance is there? Do you use credit cards a lot? Do you need loans? …

The pivot, if properly executed, can work in business. It has led to some significant successes, particularly in technology. Twitter was formerly a podcasting network, and YouTube used to be a video dating site. Knowing when and how to pivot is critical to being successful. When to do it and how to is tricky. If you’re considering a pivot, here are some pointers.

Types of Pivots

A pivot is a move to a new strategy. It could be many different things .

You could change the type of customers you go after. For example, you could start targeting only upscale clients. …

It’s not easy to realize that your business has failed after putting so much into it, but there may come a time to face this unpleasant reality. If you do find yourself in this situation, there will be a process you’ll have to go through to recover from the loss. As with any loss, you’ll have to mourn the failure of your business and find a way to rebuild your life.

Mourn Your Loss

Once you have taken care of the closure of your business , you won’t be in the best of moods. That’s okay. You should take the time to mourn…

Podcasts have become one of the most ubiquitous forms of entertainment today. They make it possible for listeners to find the topics they’re interested in and hear them when it’s convenient. They’re also very informative. Podcasts centered on business have made it easy for entrepreneurs to understand how best to proceed in the marketplace. They help people understand how to maximize their output and minimize their missteps.

The Disruptive Entrepreneur

In the UK, there are wonderful podcasts for entrepreneurs at every stage of development. The Disruptive Entrepreneur reminds listeners to challenge themselves. This podcast helps people avoid stagnation. …

Lean production or manufacturing is a philosophy that focuses on efficiency and eliminating multiple kinds of waste (Muda) from work processes. Initially developed in Japanese automotive factories, lean production has helped many companies worldwide drastically eliminate their inefficiencies, shorten production times and improve their operations. Among the most widely used lean methods include agile software development, just-in-time inventory management, and Kanban scheduling.

The Pros of Lean Methods

1. Waste Elimination

The goal of lean systems is to eliminate multiple forms of waste , from excessive movement to time inefficiencies, excess inventory, overproduction, and defects. If implemented correctly, the waste-elimination benefits of lean methods translate to drastic cost reductions.

2. Less Infrastructure

Stuart Ferster

Stuart Ferster, based in Stockport, UK, is the Executive Director of Interactive Technology Corporation (ITC). For more, be sure to visit

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